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Children’s Museum at La Habra

Susan Finch | June, 2013 |

The City of La Habra has been our client since 2000. We have worked on many designs together, implemented designs created by generous volunteers and continued to evolve with technology changes. Recently the Children's Museum at La Habra decided they were ready to abandon their Flash website for so many reasons.  They had the same design for over five years – it was time to get current.  

We decided to create a more familiar blog format since their target audience includes moms of young children and educators.  Their site is in an existing CMS system rich with features, so we simply had to create four templates. We say 'simply' because staff had the hardest work of updating all of the content.

This was a process involving a lot of mockups, revisions and participation by the client and their staff.  The result pleases everyone. We launched the site and within five minutes people were already using the new "Keep me posted!" sign up form to receive news from the museum.  We'd call that a success!

You can visit their site:

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