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Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon

Susan Finch | June, 2013 |

Here's the challenge: gather a group of 12 or so Oregon and SW Washington women who own their own businesses, most have families to coordinate AND the volunteer on the board of WEO – Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon. These busy and fantastic women spent countless hours honing their needs for the organization to continue on its growth tragectory. A new website was definintely in order, as well as a new way to manage event and sponsor registration and membership renewals.

The solution: After reviewing several CMS solutions and event management ideas, they landed on Commpro's CMS because of the VERY friendly admin, ability to easily manage private content, create a member directory with a few clicks for each new member and ease in communicating with the membership.

They also needed an event management system that could be twisted to handle membership registration, sponsorships, etc. cVent had the solution. It meant that several members had a lot of new procedures to learn, but everyone is very happy with the new system.

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