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Pet Peeve: Forums that only email you that there is a new post

Susan Finch | August, 2013 |

I participate in many forums on many types of sites.  I must say one of the most annoying things, such as Circle of Moms and many others is that when there is a new post reply to a topic, it only sends an email notifying you someone replied to you post.  How hard is it for the programmer to add in the variable into the email to include the COMMENT or POST? with a link to the original topic AND to the REPLY OR COMMENT? 

Answer:  Less than 30 minutes to adjust the email portion of a template that is sent to forum or topic subscribers.

To build community, you have to make it easy for people to keep up. Facebook tells you what the comment on the photo is, the comment to your status, many CMS sites with forums include the original post, author and the reply and link to both.  Oregon WEO's site, Binky Patrol's site – their forums all include this. 

Come on forum sites, make it easier for us to keep up without constantly having to click to go dig through and find the most recent comments or replies.  In a lively discussion I'm more apt to opt out because of all of the vague emails.

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