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Are you capturing all of your easy email leads?

Susan Finch | Email Marketing Needs a Good List to Be Effective | July, 2013 |

A client wanted to start an email campaign. When we asked him for the list, he grew quiet and asked, "What list?" This is a retail business that relies on repeat business, word of mouth, yet they had never started the practice of asking clients on the phone or in person for their email addresses. What could they have done to avoid this VOID of contacts?

Some ideas on easy ways to collect email addresses are outlined here. (B2C) denotes ideal for retail or consumer service, (B2B) denotes ideal for service to business, business to business.

1. B2C - on your counter have a clean area dedicated to collecting email list information:

2. B2C - Service - as part of your receipt, signature form, order form, make the EMAIL portion loud and clean with a CHECKBOX next to is telling people they are authorizing you to SEND THEM OCCASIONAL EMAILS WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION and POSSIBLE DEALS.

3. When contact forms are sent through your website, make sure the information is being captured into a database1 where you can easily export the list, communicate with the list. Ideally, you could create multiple forms for various sections, products or services of your site to track which generate the most leads and inquiries.

4. If you are using a system like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp or Commpro's CMS2, you want to set up auto-responders to welcome them to the list, give them some initial helpful tips that won't get outdated, but will keep them interested in your site until you send a real newsletter or article.

5. Offer incentives to customers who join your list1. A small drawing once a month for gift cards for favorite local businesses.

6. Offer incentives to subscribers to your online form1. A small random drawing once a month for common places like Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes can be used by anyone online. Post the winner, first name only to your social media outlets to generate more buzz. Tag them if you can. If you also ask for optional twitter handle in your list, it allows you to mention them in a tweet.

1If you are capturing data, you need to include privacy pages to assure people what you will be doing with the list. You would also want an SSL certificate to encrypt the form data and further protect their privacy.

2Commpro's CMS allows you to view the data collected from each form and send a customized email to the submitters of the list including any of the fields used in the form to further personalize your note to them. You may change each email for each form as often as you want and resend to the entire list or only select people - perhaps based on their answers.

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