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Susan Finch | August, 2013 |

Consulting Services:

We can meet with you by the hour to answer questions about technology, current marketing trends or evaluate your existing efforts to come up with a plan. 

Marketing Strategies:

Time to make the most of your writing efforts and staff time.  We'll help you distribute your current news to many venues including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news feeds and more.  In addition to these paths, we can also rework your existing materials and site to speak better to your target audience.

Project Management:

Do you have a lot of fragmented tasks and team members that just need to come together?  Personalities clashing?  Let us help smooth the waters.  We're used to working across various city and organization departments to achieve the ultimate goals.


Brochures/Identity Packages/Logo Development:

Do your brochure, website and business cards match? 
Are you still using @hotmail for a professional email address.  Time to change.
A consistent message gains trust and respect from your potential clients, colleagues and existing clients.

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation:

Some people still just love PowerPoint. OK, let's clean it up at least. Just because they have 40 transitions, doesn't mean you should use them.  Keynote is the more beautiful and impressive version for Mac.  Leaps ahead of PowerPoint. You can easily wow your audience with Keynote and a Mac.

Product and Conceptual Photography:

Sometimes the budget doesn't allow for a dozen photos of licensed photography.  Getty will find you! Trust me.  Don't use any photos in any way you didn't pay for.  If you have specific conceptual images you need, we can take those for you.  You would have full rights to use the photos however you want. You would have a high res version large enough for billboards if you want. Let us give you a quote.

We also offer product photography in bulk.  If you have a lot of small items and need them to look consistent and elegant, give us the pile and we'll take it from there.

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How do you look in all online venues; not just your website but social media? Remember to review periodically. Make sure your connected accounts are current. Don't forget that your business face may need to be VERY different than your personal face ad profiles.Need help? Let us know.

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Commpro, LLC has been around since before there was an internet. We started as a public relations and advertising firm and expanded into website design and hosting in 1995. In 1999 we began to develop and expand our CMS. 


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