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Snapshots in the slider, case studies in articles below:

NRBA: National REO Brokers Association

Laguna Woods Village current siteThe NRBA is known for the integrity of their REO Broker professional members. They are also known for their generosity to the Make A Wish Foundation. Each member contributes. But first they have to apply and be accepted. That's where Commpro's CMS fit in. They not only needed all standar featured, but needed to develop a highly customized membership application, review and approval process.

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Binky Patrol, Inc. a 501c3 Corporation

Laguna Woods Village current siteThis all volunteer organization has over 120 chapters across the country. They needed a way to communicate within the group of chapter leaders, officers and volunteers.

Using Commpro's CMS forums, they are able to mobilize the country within minutes when natural and tragic disasters strike. The site has a layout that makes it easy to call attention to current campaigns, highlight chapters.

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Laguna Woods Village, CA

Laguna Woods Village current siteThe 55+ community of Laguna Woods Village.  This active retirement community of 18,500+ residents boasts 200 clubs, five pools, six clubhouses, a theater and their own bus system

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Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon

Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon is a professional organization, run by volunteer members. They needed a tool that they could easily pass along know-how from year to year to the incoming board and volunteer officers.

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Children’s Museum at La Habra

Recently the Children's Museum at La Habra decided they were ready to abandon their Flash website for so many reasons.  They had the same design for over five years – it was time to get current.

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City of Laguna Woods, California

The City of Laguna Woods in California was ready for an update to make their site more appealing on all devices. They are mindful of their budget so we made a gentle update to give them the most critical features and code updates they needed for their site to be viewed easily on all devices.

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How do you look in all online venues; not just your website but social media? Remember to review periodically. Make sure your connected accounts are current. Don't forget that your business face may need to be VERY different than your personal face ad profiles.Need help? Let us know.

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Commpro, LLC has been around since before there was an internet. We started as a public relations and advertising firm and expanded into website design and hosting in 1995. In 1999 we began to develop and expand our CMS. 


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