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Building your connections is more than a like, follow, circle, or +1

We quickly jam through the "liking" of posts, +1-ing shares, posts and images, retweeting something from someone without even visiting the link just to add something to our timeline. That's not connecting.

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Social Media Bad Habits to Avoid

Popeye said it clearly, “I’yam what I’yam.” We are who we are. It’s true. Our cores are pretty much developed at an early age, so who we are today really is who we were in preschool. Understanding this should make it easier to recognize social media bad habits that can lead to pitfalls and help you avoid them whenever possible. 

The most obvious recreation of junior high school foibles occurs in Facebook. Let’s start there 

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Are you capturing all of your easy email leads?

A client wanted to start an email campaign. When we asked him for the list, he grew quiet and asked, "What list?" This is a retail business that relies on repeat business, word of mouth, yet they had never started the practice of asking clients on the phone or in person for their email addresses. What could they have done to avoid this VOID of contacts?

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How to help tech support help you quicker.

This is not just in reference to Commpro, but for all sites you visit seeking tech support. We know the perils of calling Dell and Adobe, but most companies that offer support can help you better if you follow a few simple tips.

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Before launching a press release with call to action, make sure you are ready.

While posting a press release for a client to share news received from a company, I decided to actually read the entire press release, follow the 'call to action' and click on the page linked from the company webpage that talked about this new service.
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tip of the week

How do you look in all online venues; not just your website but social media? Remember to review periodically. Make sure your connected accounts are current. Don't forget that your business face may need to be VERY different than your personal face ad profiles.Need help? Let us know.

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Commpro, LLC has been around since before there was an internet. We started as a public relations and advertising firm and expanded into website design and hosting in 1995. In 1999 we began to develop and expand our CMS. 


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